Bar 210 at Beverly Hills Hilton : Hollywood

New Venue at the Beverly Hilton – Nine-oh-210

Bar210 | Plush has been open a few weeks BUT now they’ve opened it up to a few Hollywood Promoters… including yours truly.

This is a Special night and I will be too busy to come out and get you past the door guy, please come looking fab and follow all the normal Hollywood club rules.

I always try to bring something a little different than what most of the parties in Hollywood are offering…and I’ve done just that.

Plush at Bar 210 hasn’t been hyped up like some of the new spots from VEGAS, what does that mean???? …the crowd is hand-picked, not based on how much money they can drop, but who they actually are…that’s why they have such a hot crowd on Saturday! !!!

no bridge and tunnel crowd here, they don’t make it past the door.

There’s always VIP’s in attendance and we’re not talking b list reality stars…I hate dropping names but Last Saturday Matt Damon and Charlize Theron were there…

By the way the food is amazingMarcel Vigneron from Top Chef’s 2nd season is the Executive Chef. Hit me up for dinner reservations, they are limited.

Expect a crazy and super tight door,  Come early if you don’t want to deal with door drama… if you’re a guy come with great looking girls or reserve bottle service with me in advance.

If you’re one of my girls please only bring your super hot girlfriends…I would hate for you not to get in on this amazing night because you brought your friend with the great personality.

For Bottle Service
For Guestlist email me with name and # of guys and girls include your cellphone if you’d like to be added to the list
Bar 210 / Plush inside the Beverly Hilton
9876 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills

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