Jean-Michel Jarre .:. Concert Paris la Défense

“Paris La Defense – Une Ville En Concert”, Jean-Michel Jarre’s biggest concert ever, was a played in Paris business district of La Défense on the 14th of Juli 1990, France’s Nationnal Day (Bastille Day) celebrating the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution. About 2.5 million people standing in front of Jarre’s gigantic pyramidical stage witnessed the event, all the way down to the Arc de Triomphe, setting a new Guinness Book of Records entry for Jarre.

La Defense, it must be said, formed the perfect background, not simply because of its futuristic character, but also because of the tall skyscrapers, von Spreckelsen’s new Arc de Triomphe and steel monoliths which line the horizon visible from the centre of the city. Jarre designed a pyramid-shaped stage to fit the geometrical architecture of the setting where he performed with his musicians, a classical Arab ensemble (France’s second largest community), and others including a choir, a steel-drum band and gigantic dancing puppets of various kinds. The entire show was synchronised and illuminated by 65 tons of fireworks, as well as laser and light projections on the tall buildings. For over two hours Jarre enchanted yet another record live audience of 2.5 million people, and most of Paris was replete with electronic sounds and a sea of light on this festive July summer evening.

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