Studying On Island Hvar

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Studying On Island Hvar
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Yale Summer Session

A Message from the Dean of Yale College

Every summer, we are delighted to welcome many hundreds of students from all over the world to Yale. Although your stay with us may be brief, I trust you will explore to the fullest the rich opportunities offered to you in our classrooms and our courtyards, our libraries and our laboratories. As you experience Yale, New Haven, and the community of summer scholars to which you will make your own important contribution, I am confident that you will come to realize what makes our university and our city such extraordinary places.

Our best wishes for a fruitful and enjoyable summer session.

Mary E. Miller
Dean of Yale College
Sterling Professor of the History of Art

A Message from the Dean of Yale Summer Session

Yale Summer Session provides students with a unique opportunity to interact with some of Yale’s top scholars and teachers in an intimate environment. We offer a wide sample of the courses taught during the academic year: during your summer at Yale you can delve into the mysteries of molecular biology, learn about the nature of genius, create your own digital film, or travel abroad with a member of the Yale faculty. College students find summer an excellent time to fulfill requirements for graduation or to prepare for medical school or graduate school.

Learning at Yale goes beyond the curriculum. Students who reside on campus enjoy a wide range of social and athletic events organized by residential counselors. Chosen from among our most outstanding Yale students, these counselors also serve as mentors and knowledgeable guides to the campus and surrounding areas. You will also learn from your fellow students: Summer Session students come from high schools, colleges, and universities around the United States and the world.

An exciting summer awaits you at Yale. Please read the information on our Web site closely; if you do not find everything you need, contact us. Thank you for your interest in Yale Summer Session.

William T. Whobrey
Dean of Yale Summer Session and Special Programs
Associate Dean, Yale College

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