LWSC Sirius Roleplay .:. Anora Divino


Name: Anora Divinio – Smuggler name: Selen
Age: 25
Sex: Female
Orientation: Straight
Appearance Anora stands at a height of just five foot seven inches tall. Under her Eclipse shades she has sapphire blue eyes.
Position: Knows a guy who knows a guy kinda gal
-Pseudo hacker- She has some skill with hacking via the Intergalactic Net. Not proficient.
-Inventor- Her main skill lies in inventing numerous gadgets that either work to perfection, or more commonly, fail miserably.
-Smuggler- As she has developed a keen relation with many “merchants” on numerous planets, she can find a job that pays very easily.
Qualifications: Has invented numerous devices that aid in both smuggling, and escaping from enemies. Has worked with numerous “business men” who always have a package or two needing to be discreetly taken off planet and moved to a secure destination elsewhere. Has contacts in certain parts of her parents company that can “lose” a valuable package or two. Has contacts in other parts of the underworld.
Personality: Most people, upon their first impression, would say that Anora does not have a personality. Rarely will she start a conversation and she feels no obligation to break awkward silences, no matter how long they last. Most strangers are greeted with the same “what do you want?” question. Yet once they get to know the woman who hides behind her Eclipses, they come to learn that she does not keep herself distant because of her lack of personality, more so because she is a very reserved woman who has a troubled past. Trust, at least for her, is the keystone of all relationships. At the start, she trusts not one stranger. Anyone who is an unknown to her has the possibility of being someone sent to get her, or get information out of her. But once you give her a reason for her to trust you, she will open up and a friendlier side will emerge.

Likes: Anora likes to make things, whether it works or not. Be it something as simple as a robot that cleans her rooms for her all the way to the complicated stuff. Any time she gets an idea for an invention she will find time and try and turn it into a success. She also likes making her parents lives hell. She is not against having a drink, but hates getting drunk. She is also an avid fan of any board game, be it chess or Galactic 500.

Dislikes: She hates, above all else, her parents company “Divinio Enterprises”. While the company originally helped her get into the bests schools, it also stole her technology and passed it off as their own. Anytime she see’s her Eclipses knockoff, Moon Shades, she will often crack a smile at her family’s inability to recreate what she made. She also hates anything to do with violence, preferring to find a way to talk herself out of any disadvantageous situations.

Strengths: Her inventions are her biggest strengths, as is her ability to continually make new ones. She also has contacts on numerous planets that will both offer her jobs or buy goods taken by means deemed unlawful. Anora is also a very smart woman, her upbringing allows her to both think effectively and quickly when thinking of a solution to a problem.
Weaknesses: Fighting, metaphors and a good story.
Open to relationships: How the story progresses will determine this. (Yes)
Relationships/family: None worth mentioning

Biography: She has been long heralded by her family as a child prodigy of inventing. From an early age she could be found making trinkets and simple devices that made her life easier. When she entered her teens she was sent away to the best schools money could pay for, with degrees like Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering being just some of what she archived in this time. When she turned seventeen, she made a prototype device that she called the ‘Eclipse’. This device would allow the wearer to have access to a series of maps, directions, as well as notice things of importance, like a police officer nearby or a potentially good sale at a store. It was a simple device that looked like any normal sun glasses. She left the prototype at home when she left for school one semester, and by the time the second week came around did the Intergalactic Net become flooded with this new technology called “Moon shades”. It looked like hers, functioned at half capacity and was released by her fathers company. Anora quickly returned home to find the first prototype missing and her family bragging to their friends of their accomplishment. When she confronted her father, he bragged that there was nothing she could do, that whatever she invented was his as way of repaying him for school. Yet the prototype they stole was just the first one she made, primitive compared to the next model she had planned to make. So, packing a few things and taking enough money out of her fathers account to be secure, did she set off into the world on her own; planning to both make her gadgets for herself as well as making her family’s life hell. Things as simple as a smugglers HUD, that displayed a simple map of where the pick-up and drop off locations while being only usable by the smuggler himself, to things as standard issue on a smuggler ship such as the black out device.

The blackout device is her crowning achievement, one that has allowed her to have a name among the many in the smuggler field as well as pocket some hard earned cash. It uses an algorithm to break into encrypted channels unnoticed for a short duration, allowing the owner of said device to listen in on the chatter as well as flood it with noise to disrupt an enemy’s response to anything a smuggler did.

It has been many years now, and her family still searches for her. Not just because she ran away, more so because they haven’t been able to work out anything new with their ‘Moon shades’. She knows if it was up to them, she would be stuck in a lab for the rest of her life making things that nobody will know were hers.

Though she has made many inventions that work to perfection, she has made many, many more that fail miserably. Often leading to both chaotic, and sometimes explosive, results.

What does SIRIUS mean to your character?: SIRIUS means a place where she can both feel safe from her family while contributing to something bigger than herself.

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