Designer: Joel Martinez


Joel Martinez , currently working and living in Las Vegas, NV as an art director for Fat Elvis Advertising. He double majored in graphic design and ceramics, although He hasn’t been able to do much ceramics because of the lack of resources.

He truly believe that designers have all of the tools to shape civilizations. Designers can create awareness within societies to help communicate almost anything. He was born In Mexico City but grew up most of my life in the bordertown of El Paso, TX. Most of his inspiration comes from life experiences not only of himself but of others as well. Everything that exists in the world today can help create a feeling which then helps him to translate it into something graphic.

He feel that as designer he has a responsibility to contribute to the world and that is why He is always trying to find ways to better my self as a person and them my design skills. One of my goals is to open his own design studio and be able to generate income through that so that he can concentrate on non-commercial design.

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