Autowaschen Verboten by Lazer .:. Atari Falcon 030 Demo

First large and as sophisticated a demo for Atari Falcon 030. For the first time revealed the potential of the computer in the field of 3D graphics in real time – despite the lack of any hardware support for 3D. It also shows many unknown (then) the effects of transparency achieved in “true color”.

Atari Falcon is the first home computer capable of processing real-time 2D and 3D graphics with greater color depth than 8 (which at that time did Amiga and PC). He does it so smoothly that 99.9% of demos which were created on the computer are made in these modes. Because of its primacy authors demos irritated with people who have other computers through the targeted placement of elements is not possible for execution in 8 bpp.

In addition, 99.9% of demos for Atari Falcon 030 has 16-bit sound with a frequency of 50 kHz – this load did not pass the data bus to other computers of that time. Also common are also additional DSP effects generated in real time and play back sound files MP2. The sound quality is sensational (computer used in the first digital studios, also in Poland), which is unfortunately not possible to assess in this film – like picture quality is bad.

After the founding of the computer in 1992, many developers asked themselves questions about the new computer is able to achieve in the field of 2D and 3D graphics generated in real time. Therefore, in this demku it shows a windowing operating system (called. The GUI), which then did not exist on any computer and 3D objects called. “Virtual reality”. When this demo, a number of people for the first time saw texturing generated in real time by computer at home.

The release of this demo is known as “Knobelpopel”.

Demo of Atari Falcon 030 should be viewed only on a real computer.
1. The frame rate recorded with popular video formats is insufficient (as Mpeg, Mpeg4, WMV, DivX, etc.) To appropriately reflect the subtlety of many of the presented results
2. demo for Atari Falcon are probably the only ones in the world that changes the frequency of the image generated during the demo (!)

Authors demos:
Code: Photon, Energizer
Design: Energizer Martin, Photon
Music: Stax
Graphics: Dan / Aura Anzac / Aura Mc Fly / Risk Jade / Dune.
DSP player: Chris / Aura
Demo group Lazer

The video comes from an old (except the first) collection of demos Falcon “Falcon demo mania” created by a group of Supremacy (CD plate number 2).

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