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Be My Parent is a family-finding service for children in the UK, provided by the British Association for Adoption & Fostering

Family of fourBe My Parent is an adoption and fostering service for children in the UK, with a family-finding website and monthly full-colour newspaper. We also have an online library of articles about adoption and permanent fostering for families and agencies.

The Be My Parent newspaper and website features children of all ages and backgrounds, from babies to teenagers – all looking for a family to adopt or foster them. Families and agencies can look at some of the children’s profiles without having to subscribe. To read more, search all the children and make enquiries, families will need to register their details online and go on to subscribe. Adoption and fostering agencies will need to contact us to get set up so that they can search or refer children to the website and/or the newspaper.

Child Psychology

About AChiPPP

Association Practice

The Association of Child Psychologists in Private Practice has been established by two founder members, Denise Thornton and Terri Hall with the intention of drawing together committed practitioners who have a vision for the future of Child Psychology. We believe that Child Psychologists working in private practice need a forum for discussion, the opportunity to speak with a collective voice and the chance to help shape the future of our profession. This Association seeks to act as an open and objective information channel for the public and engender transparent professional practice.

Invited members involved in the establishment of the Association include Ruth Birnbaum, Peter Rankin Jonathan Reed and Jennifer Stockley.

The Association will depend upon the support of its members for its growth and survival.

The Association of Child Psychologists in Private Practice will be run as a non-profit making association with the following objectives:

  • To offer an exchange of information on issues concerning Child Psychologists in private practice
  • To promote high standards of professional conduct and expertise
  • To promote co-operation and facilitate communication with allied professionals
  • To collect and disseminate information concerning private practice

The Association will endeavour to inform the relevant professional organisations e.g. British Psychological Society, Association of Educational Psychologists, of the Association’s plans and developments.

Mindcandy Volume 3


To The Stars (The Harry Irons Trilogy)

TO THE STARS is the first book in a science-fiction trilogy concerning an intrepid group of space explorers in the year 2107. Harry Irons dreams of escaping poverty and an over-crowded Earth by gaining employment with the Braithwaite Corporation. After proving himself in a series of tests, Harry gets his wish and soon enough finds himself struggling to survive on an alien world. TO THE STARS was written for a general audience and is sure to satisfy both younger and older fans of alternative fiction.

FontCubes .:. Free Fonts

Fonts are no sole property of designers and artists. Today, everybody with a computer can fancy-up some cool design with a fany font! At FontCubes, you’ll find a library of free fonts for both Mac and PC. FontCubes presents some of the best font artists in the world today. Fonts are searchable by name , artist, dingbats, top rated, alphabetically, or newest.

TypeNeu – An odyssey in typography

TypeNeu is an odyssey in typography. TypeNeu reports on the past, present and the future of typographic culture, with main focus on typefaces and applied typography in different forms. You can see many different typography from book, fashion, illustration, magazine, packaging, poster, print and etc… Please enjoy and get some inspiration.

Idea2Dezign TV

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Urban Collective is showcasing the works of designers from around the world.

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For all you big spenders and Domus Heads, Taschen has released DOMUS 1928-1999.