The Doors .:. Light my Fire

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“Light My Fire” is a song originally performed by The Doors which was recorded in August 1966 and released the first week of January 1967 on the Doors’ debut album. Released as a single in April, it spent three weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and one week on the Cash Box Top 100, nearly a year after its recording.
The song was largely written by Robby Krieger and credited to the entire band. The single was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America in 1967, representing sales of one million units. The song is #35 on Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. It was also included in the Songs of the Century list and was ranked number 7 in VH1‘s 100 Greatest Songs of All Time list.

Katy Perry .:. Teenage Dream

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Teenage Dream” is a song by American recording artist Katy Perry. It was release as the second single from her second mainstream studio album of the same name on July 23, 2010 through digital distribution. Perry and Bonnie McKee wrote many songs with a youthful theme in mind, but they were rejected by producers Benny Blanco and Dr. Luke. Blanco showed them The Teenagers‘s single “Homecoming”, and McKee imagined “Teenage Dream” as a throwback song to the euphoric feelings of being in love as a teenager. They met with Max Martin in Perry’s hometown of Santa Barbara, California and started writing the track, which Perry later described as a pure moment for her. After Perry recorded her vocals, McKee presented her idea and the chorus was rewritten. Perry also described the song as reminiscent of her youth while contemplating her future marriage to boyfriend Russell Brand.

“Teenage Dream” is a midtempo pop song with a retro sound. Perry starts singing in a high voice and her vocals grow stronger as the song progresses. Lyrically it talks about being with a lover that makes one feel young again.

The music video for “Teenage Dream” was filmed in Santa Barbara in July 2010, and was directed by Yoann Lemoine . Perry planned the concept along with the songwriters during the sessions. Pictures from the shoot feature Perry kneeling in the sand looking at a man (played by Josh Kloss) wearing speedos, while others show her kissing the man in a hotel pool. She commented about the filming on her Twitter, saying, “That’s a wrap for Teenage Dream! So gorgeous […] In my hometown. I got to cast all my friends in the new music video for Teenage Dream = amazing insanity.”

Kelly Rowland .:. Daylight

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Daylight” is a R&B song written by Bobby Womack and Harold Payne, released in 1976 as a single by Womack. In 2007, the song was re-recorded by American R&B singer Kelly Rowland and front man Travis McCoy of the indie hip-hop band Gym Class Heroes for the soundtrack of French film Asterix at the Olympic Games. Co-produced by S*A*M & Sluggo, it was released as the lead single from Rowland’s re-release album Ms. Kelly: Diva Deluxe, with a release date of March 2008 for the United States, May 5, 2008 for the U.K. and August 1 for German-speaking Europe.

The video for “Daylight” was filmed in November 2007 and was directed by Jeremy Rall and produced by Gina Leonard for Siblings Inc. and shot in New York City, New York, just ten blocks from the Empire State Building. A seven-seconds snippet of the video premiered on NBC‘s Clash of the Choirs. The clip shows Rowland among a bunch of people in a party scene alongside Travis McCoy. About shooting, Rowland said: “Shooting the music video for the song was hilarious, with Travis especially. He looked so funny and cute when he was riding a weird modified-bicycle in the middle of the bustling city.” The other members of Gym Class Heroes make cameos in the video.

Enrique Iglesias .:. I like it

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I Like It” is a song performed by Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias taken from his first bilingual studio album, Euphoria. It was produced by RedOne and interpolates Lionel Richie’s 1983 classic “All Night Long (All Night)as well as featuring American rapper Pitbull and was released on May 3, 2010. The song will also be included on the official soundtrack to MTV reality series Jersey Shore. A version of the song without Pitbull is also found on the international version of Euphoria. The song has became a top-ten hit in a number of countries, including United Kingdom, Australia, Belgium, Spain and the United States, where it reached number four on the Billboard Hot 100 .
A music video was filmed along with Pitbull directed by Wayne Isham.

Rooney .:. I Can’t Get Enough

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Rooney is a five-piece American rock band from Los Angeles. Rooney’s third full-length album was released on June 8, 2010, through California Dreaming Records, Warner Music Group’s Independent Label Group. The first single from their soon to be released third album Eureka, “I Can’t Get Enough” gives fans of the Southern California pop outfit Rooney a nice indication as to the chipper sound the band is embracing these days. Yes, it’s reminiscent of the chunks of cheer they’ve been handing out for all these years, but that’s the way we like it. The video is also a real hoot…especially for those who like their roller derby served with a fair amount of cosmic ridiculousness. Video Directed by Marcus Herring!

Cheryl Cole .:. 3 Words feat.

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3 Words” is a song by British recording artist Cheryl Cole (of Girls Aloud). The song is both the opening and title song from debut studio album. It was released in the UK and Ireland on December 21, 2009 by Fascination Records and later in 2010 by Universal Music, sometimes serving as the lead single for 3 Words. The uptempo synth and dance music-inspired pop song was written by Cole and George Pajon. It was also written and produced by who has guest vocals on the song. 3 Words was cited by Cole as her favourite song from the album for being different to what people expected.

Cole filmed two music videos for “3 Words”. The first music video was a viral version directed by Vincent Haycock, in the week beginning 19 October 2009 “on the only rainy night in Los Angeles in six months.” The second version was the official “split screener”, directed by Saam, that premiered on 27 November 2009. The overall goal of the video was described as “tell[ing] the story of a couple who socialise separately and are both approached by members of the opposite sex. Despite the other person showing a romantic interest in them”. The singers go on to declare each other is ‘the love of my life’ and ‘through the ups and the downs… never let go’.” The “edgy and arty” video features “a split screen, unconventional camera angles and modern dance.”

“3 Words” was recorded at Record Plant Studios, Los Angeles (CA)

Michael Jackson .:. HIStory

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HIStory“/”Ghosts” is a double A-side single from Michael Jackson‘s 1997 remix album Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix. The original version of “HIStory” was released as a track on Jackson’s 1995 studio album HIStory, but was never released as a single. “Ghosts” was a brand new recording. “HIStory” was composed by Michael Jackson, James Harris III and Terry Lewis before it was remixed by Tony Moran in 1997. Like the original version, it contained many historic audio clips and samples.

“Ghosts” was written, composed and produced by Michael Jackson and Teddy Riley in 1997. Commentators made observations about the paranoid lyrics, a common theme in Jackson’s work. The double A-side was promoted with a music video for each song. “HIStory” was set in a nightclub, in a futuristic era, and recalled Jackson’s filmography. “Ghosts” was a five minute clip taken from the much longer film of the same name. The song would become a top five hit in the UK, but did not chart as highly elsewhere.

The music video that accompanied the remix opens with the scene of a woman, relaxing on a futuristic sofa, watching the music video through metallic virtual reality goggles. The video is set in a nightclub, inside the club, televisions, monitors and walls display the history of Jackson’s filmography such as “In The Closet”, “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough”, “Scream/Childhood”, “Black or White”, “Jam”, “Remember The Time”, “Earth Song”, “Man In The Mirror”, “Say Say Say”, scenes from his short film Ghosts, and live performances from the Bad World Tour and the Dangerous World Tour. Wearing the goggles, the woman is led to believe she is in the nightclub too. The video ends with the woman removing the goggles. The film was written by Jackson and Stephen King and directed by Stan Winston

Kelly Rowland .:. Commander ft. David Guetta

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Commander” is a song by American singer Kelly Rowland from her upcoming third self-titled studio album as well as her debut single with Universal Motown following a change in record labels and management. It is a female empowerment record written by Rico Love accompanied with an electro-house production from French disc jockey, David Guetta. “Commander” was released in May 2010 as an American promotional single and as the international lead single from the project. Commander” was released with several dance remixes and upon release became a top-ten dance hit in the United States and United Kingdom.

During the video shoot of the song Rowland said for LA Times,  “I feel like I’ve finally come into my own,” referring to her exploration of a new sound. “With the sound of dance music getting embraced more, I’m very excited, seeing how fans have been responding to the music. Dance music is more of a European thing, but I’ve been looking on Twitter and seeing fans (in different parts of the country) talking about playing ‘Commander’.” She pointed out to fans who got something they didn’t expect, “I did not forget about my urban roots, nor will I ever … That is one of the reasons I am here period … I thank everyone for being so wonderful and so open to me trying something new. I won’t let you down this record, I promise you.”

The video was filmed on May 5, 2010 with Japanese music producer and promo director, Masashi Muto. Muto’s previous work includes “I Will Be Here” for Dutch DJ, Tiesto as well as promo clips for Pepsi and Honda. His work is known for its scale, impact and colourful imagery. Song writer   Rico Love and song producer David Guetta make appearances in the video, whilst Fatima Robinson handled the video’s choreography.

Justin Bieber .:. Never Say Never ft. Jaden Smith

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Never Say Never” is a song by Canadian recording artist Justin Bieber. The song serves as the theme song for The Karate Kid, and features its star, Jaden Smith. The song was produced by The Messengers, who co-wrote it with Bieber, Smith, vocal producer Kuk Harrell, and Omarr Rambert. The song was released for digital download on June 8, 2010.

Among the song’s influences are hip hop. Bieber provides lead vocals in the song while Smith provides the backing with rap interludes. The song contains inspirational lyrics, including Bieber singing about a life filled with adversity, through lines like, “I never thought that I could walk through fire / I never thought that I could take the burn”. Smith’s lines reference his father,and puns in the phrase, “raised by the power of Will”. He also makes reference to his lineage by saying “Born from two stars so the moon’s where I land.”, as he is the son of Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith, who are both Hollywood stars.

The music video takes place in a studio, and contains a heroic concept, featuring Bieber and Smith singing the song and playing around, intercut with scenes from the film.Bieber appears in a motorcycle jacket and high tops. Studio scenes include Bieber flexing karate moves, he and Smith dancing and eating Twizzlers. Near the end of the clip features Smith giving a roundhouse kick.

Katy Perry .:. California Gurls (feat. Snoop Dogg)

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California Gurls” is an electropop song by American singer-songwriter, Katy Perry. It serves as the lead single of her upcoming third studio album, Teenage Dream. The song features rapper Snoop Dogg, and was produced by Dr. Luke, Max Martin, and Benny Blanco.

The video was directed by Mathew Cullen. Filming of the video began on May 14, 2010. The video premiered on June 15, 2010. While being interviewed by MTV, Katy explained why the main idea behind the video had to do with candy, rather then incorporating a beach theme.
In the music video, Perry is a game piece in Candyfornia’, a game based in poker and board games. The settings are inspired in part by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and the board game Candy Land, with much of the set decorated with cupcakes, ice creams, candy floss and lollipops. Gummy bears are also a recurring theme throughout. Some California landmarks also appear, like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Hollywood Sign and some West Coast beaches which were all made out of confectionary.

Ke$ha .:. Your Love Is My Drug

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Your Love Is My Drug” is a song by American recording artist and songwriter Kesha, from her debut album, Animal. The song was released as the albums third single on May 21, 2010. The song was written by Kesha, Pebe Sebert, with Ammo, who co-produced the song with Dr. Luke and Benny Blanco. The main idea behind the song is being so in love with someone that you lose your head, comparable to love being a drug.
“Your Love Is My Drug” is a midtempo dance song drawing from the electropop and dance-pop genres. The song combines heavy auto tune thats layered with a heavy electronic backdrop. Kesha’s vocals throughout the song have been described as a shouty sing-speak style. Musically, the song uses a simple, upbeat lyric line.

The music video for the song was directed by Honey. It was shot on April 6 and April 7, 2010 in the Lancaster, California desert. The video premiered on Vevo at 12:01 a.m. on May 13, 2010.

Janet Jackson .:. Make Me

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Make Me” is a song by American recording artist Janet Jackson. It is the lead single and final track from her second greatest hits compilation Number Ones (2009). The song was written by Jackson, Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, Thomas Lumpkins, and Michaela Shiloh.

It features an up-tempo disco beat and lyrical hook reminiscent of her material from the 1980s. The song has received critical praise, with commentators comparing the song favorably to her Billboard Hot 100 number one hit “All for You” (2001) and her brother Michael Jackson‘s 1979 number one single “Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough”, both of which carry a distinct disco beat. It became her nineteenth number one hit single on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs chart.

The song’s music video, directed by Robert Hales, premiered on 20/20 in November, 2009. Shot entirely in black and white, it received positive critical reception for its vintage aesthetic.

Janet Jackson .:. Feedback

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Feedback” is a song by American singer Janet Jackson. The R&B/dance-pop song was written by Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, Dernst Emile, LaShawn Daniels, and Tasleema Yasin, and was produced by D’Mile and Jerkins. “Feedback” was released as the lead single from Jackson’s tenth studio album, Discipline. In December 2007, he song was announced as the lead single from the album.
“Feedback” has elements of three musical genres, which include Jackson’s staples of pop and R&B. The third genre, electro, along with robotic vocals described as “robo-vocals”, are rarely heard in Jackson’s prior music.Much like the music video, Jackson described the song as “a metaphor for sexual tension”, adding, “It’s a provocative conversation that invites openness in an area where so many of us are closed off. The song contains sexually-charged lyrics such as “something heavy like a first day period” and “Strum me like a guitar, blow out my amplifier”, and took up much of review coverage.
Jackson filmed the music video for “Feedback” with British director Saam Farahmand, and choreographer Gil Duldulao, Jr. In the video, Jackson was accompanied by 8 dancers, rehearsals took a week, and the video took two days to complete. The song also has more than a dozen official re-mixes.

Britney Spears .:. 3

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3” is a song by American recording artist Britney Spears, from her second greatest hits compilation The Singles Collection. It was released on September 29, 2009, as the only single of the album by Jive Records. The song was produced by Max Martin and Shellback while Spears was on tour in Sweden. “3” is an uptempo electropop song, that features a heavy bassline and has influences of dance and rave.

The song has also achieved commercial success by topping charts in the United States and Canada as well as reaching the top ten in many countries around the world, including Australia, Finland, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom. In the United States, “3” debuted at number one in the Billboard Hot 100, becoming the first song to debut at the top position in over three years.

The music video was filmed on October 5 and October 6, 2009 in Los Angeles, California, directed by Diane Martel and choreographed by Tone & Rich. Fashion stylist GK Reid worked closely with Spears to design the fashion. On October 15, 2009, images of the video were released. A countdown, including images and video previews, was announced on her official website and the release date was revealed to be on October 30, 2009. When asked about the video, Diane Martel said,

“I think it’s her next sexy video. It’s a very simple video for her – I don’t think you’ve seen her this much under a magnifying glass. Everything’s really strong and playful. We collaborated on the wardrobe and had meetings about hair and makeup people, we talked a lot on the phone and met Tone and Rich — two of the best choreographers. [..] [Spears]’ so sweet and funny and so normal and down to earth. It’s really fun as a director to see her in front of the camera. She’s so creative with this stuff. The video is very simple, it’s very, very minimal. So it’s her, her, her. And she’s totally engaging every second. She really knows how to work with a camera and move. I was really impressed, and I have worked almost with every female artist in the business”.

Rihanna .:. Russian Roulette

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Russian Roulette” is a song performed by Barbadian singer Rihanna.Written and produced by Ne-Yo and Chuck Harmony, the song serves as the lead single from Rihanna’s fourth studio album Rated R. It premiered on radio October 20, 2009.
The director of the video is Anthony Mandler.Filming of “Russian Roulette” started on October 23, 2009. Filming took two full days.The video premiered on ABC’s on November 13, 2009.

Black Eyed Peas .:. Imma Be Rocking That Body

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Rock That Body” is a song performed by American hip-hop group Black Eyed Peas taken from their multi-platinum selling fifth studio album The E.N.D.
The music video, directed by Rich Lee in January 2010, was shot back to back with the video for “Imma Be”. The two songs share the same music video (called Imma Be Rocking That Body), which is over 10 minutes long. The music video premiered on Vevo, Dipdive and iTunes on Tuesday, 16 February 2010.
After teleporting from the desert in the first half of the video, the Black Eyed Peas and their good robot arrive at a city, the people in the city are stuck on a loop. The 4 members of the group shoot them with their stereo-guns to end their loop so they could continue dancing. As things are going well, the bad robot appears and kidnaps Fergie, chases after it with his own robot. After many failed attempts, manages to shoot the bad robot, which starts dancing with the good robot, the bad robot runs out of energy and faints. At the end of the video Fergie wakes up on the middle of the road, as Taboo runs for help, Apl.De.Ap dials 911 and Will asks Fergie what happened, she answers “I got the greatest idea for a video”.

Beyonce .:. Halo

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Halo” is a song recorded and performed by American R&B singer Beyoncé Knowles. It was composed by Ryan Tedder and Evan Bogart. In the United States, the song was released on January 20, 2009 as the album’s fourth single. Halo won Best Song at the 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards, and is currently nominated for Record of the Year and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance at the 52nd Grammy Awards.
Knowles performed the song for the television broadcast Hope for Haiti Now: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief and it appeared on the live album.
Billboard magazine wrote that “On “Halo” Beyoncé sings in a lower register than usual over big drums and an epic piano pattern…’Halo’ has a mainstream pop sound, with subtle R&B undertones that should carry it to the top of the charts.

The video premiered exclusively on iTunes on December 23, simultaneously with the music video for “Diva“. The music video was shot in late November and was directed by Philip Andelman. It features actor Michael Ealy as Knowles’ love interest and unlike the first three music videos from the album, which were shot in black and white, “Halo” is the first video to be shot fully in color.

Jay-Z .:. Empire State of Mind feat Alicia Keys

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Empire State of Mind” is a song by hip hop artist Jay-Z, featuring guest vocals of R&B and soul singer-songwriter Alicia Keys. The song was released as the third single from Jay-Z’s eleventh studio album The Blueprint 3 on his Roc Nation label. The song is an anthemic ode to both artists’ native New York City.
The music video was filmed on October 1, 2009, in Harlem, Times Square, and around Ground Zero of New York City, and shows Yankee Stadium, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and Ebbets Field. The video was directed by Hype Williams. It premiered on Jay-Z’s official YouTube channel on October 30, 2009.