Michael Jackson .:. This is it

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CULVER CITY, Calif., August 10, 2009 – Beginning October 30th, the world will have a front-row seat for Michael Jackson’s final concert, as Sony Pictures Entertainment and Sony Music Entertainment release Michael Jackson’s This Is It.

This Is It is being produced with the full support of the Estate of Michael Jackson and will be drawn from hundreds of hours of rehearsal and behind-the-scenes footage, captured in high definition with state of the art digital sound as the late singer was preparing for his concert series in London. The film, which will also offer select sequences in 3-D, will provide a unique career retrospective and feature interviews with some of Jackson’s closest friends and creative collaborators.

The majority of the film’s footage was shot in June, 2009 at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, California and The Forum in Inglewood, California, as Jackson prepared for “This Is It,” the series of fifty concerts Jackson planned to present at the O2 Arena in London.

“Michael lives on through his songs, his creative genius, his body of work and his passion for his art,” said Rob Stringer. “He was a perfectionist on stage and through this unique film, audiences will be able to see, many for the first time, how much Michael poured into making his performances as special as they were perfect.”

Michael Jackson .:. You Rock My World

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You Rock My World” is a song by American singer-songwriter Michael Jackson. It was the debut single from his 2001 album Invincible.
Like many of Jackson’s music videos, this one takes the form of a short film, based on a story written by Michael Jackson and Paul Hunter. It follows a story in which Michael Jackson and Chris Tucker spot an attractive woman (played by actress-choreographer Kishaya Dudley) and follow her into a gangster-infested nightclub (called The Waterfront Hotel, in reference to the famous film starring Marlon Brando, who plays the club’s owner in this music video). Obviously, they are not wanted there, because it seems the woman already has a love interest (played by Michael Madsen). However, Jackson is determined to meet this woman.

The video won an NAACP Image Award for Best Music Video in 2001. There are short-film and single-length versions of the video. There is also a longer version of the video featuring more dialogue between Tucker and Jackson, along with various other changes available on the web. It is unclear whether this third version is an official product or a homemade edit using outtakes.

Michael Jackson .:. Thriller

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Thriller” is a 1984 hit single recorded by Michael Jackson for the Epic label. In the U.S., it reached number four on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.  Legendary music video of all-time,  Directed by John Landis .

Quincy Jones : About Thriller 25

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MySpace Celebrity visited multi-Grammy-winning producer Quincy Jones, spokesperson for Thriller 25, to chat about working with Michael and crafting the album that would raise the bar on pop music forever.