Moss Los Angeles

Moss opened the first shop on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. The 325 square meter space is very near fashion-forward Melrose Place, and just a few blocks from the Pacific Design Center.
The opening exhibition is called Glitter & Smoke and is the first of several installations planned featuring chandeliers from the Swarovski Crystal Palace collection.

MASH Studios

MASH Studios is a Los Angeles-based multi-disciplinary design firm that specializes in the design and manufacturing of home and office furniture as well as custom environments for commercial and residential spaces. MASHstudios has worked on Kid Robot retail stores in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and most recently Miami. As an icon in pop culture, art toys and vinyl, Kid Robot needed something simple and fresh, modern yet understated for a young feel that wouldn’t over clutter their small spaces.The San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Miami Kid Robot stores have unique features and styles specific to their city and neighborhood. MASH was pleased to create crisp local designs on each assignment.