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Divlje Jagode (trans. “Wild Strawberries”) is a Yugoslav and Bosnian hard rock and heavy metal band. Divlje Jagode were formed in 1977 in Bihać by guitarist Zele Lipovača (a former Biseri, Selekcija and Zenit member). In 1980 Divlje Jagode continued their activity in the new lineup: Kucukovic, Lipovača, drummer Nasko Budimlić and bass guitarist Alen Islamović. This lineup recorded album Stakleni hotel (“Glass Hotel”) which marked their complete shift towards heavy metal. Songs lyrics were written by Elvis J. Kurtovich & His Meteors vocalist Goran Petranović, Marina Tucaković and Islamović. Album’s biggest hits were “Autostop” and ballads “Dodirni me, skloni bol” and “Potraži put”. On the tour that followed the album release Divlje Jagode played around one hundred concerts. At this time Lipovača took over Angus Young’s schoolboy image.

In 1981 Janković started his solo career, and Divlje Jagode released Motori (“Motorcycles”) with Islamović on vocals. Title track became huge hit, and songs “Šejla”, “Zagrizi rokenrol” and ballads “Nasmiješi se” and “Ne želiš kraj” were well accepted. On the part of the tour that followed Motori release they were joined by Janković. Two following albums Čarobnjaci (“Wizards”), which featured hits “Morrison” and “Čarobnjaci”, and Vatra (“Fire”), which featured hits “Ciganka”, “Let na drugi svijet” and “Moja si…”, were both well accepted, and the band signed a contract with British record company Logo Records under the name Wild Strawberries

During the war Lipovača lived in London and Zagreb. After releasing his solo album Magic Love Lipovača reunited Divlje Jagode. In 1994 they released album Labude, kad rata ne bude (“Swan, when there Is no more War”). In 1996 Lipovača, Budimlić, bass guitarist Sanin Karić and vocalists Žanil “Žak” Tataj and recorded a softer, ballad-oriented album Sto vjekova (“Hundred Centuries”).

At the end of 1990s Lipovača, Budimlić and Thomas Balaz and vocalist Pero Galić recorded Divlje Jagode latest album Od neba do neba (“From Sky to Sky”) which was released in 2003. First Divlje Jagode singer Ante Janković, as well as other former members Žanil Tataj, Emir Cerić, Livio Berak and Marko Osmanović, joined the band on their live performances on several occasions. In 2006 the band released the single “Piramida”.

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