Designer Profiles: Hybrid Roots

Name: Marissa
Age: 27.11
Location: Los Angeles – West Hollywood to be more specific
Occupation: Design Entrepreneur & Creative Director for Hybrid Roots

0. Can you describe the term ‘design’?

Design to me is everything around us. Mother nature is the ultimate designer. Looking at the patterns of the leaves, snow, a single bland of grass keeps me thinking how great it is to be alive.

1. How do you usually start out new project (creating sketches, surfing
around net, playing with design tools)?

Definitely a mix of sketching, surfing the web and drinking some Yogi Tea.

2. How does your creative process work?

First I freak out and think oh man, time is ticking. Then I think I’ll wash the dishes and it hits me…clarity comes from doing chores and yoga poses.

3. What kind of computer and graphic programs do you use?

Powerbook (that needs a new battery!) + CS3 + Wacom Tablet

4. What brought you to the design and what did you do before design?

I’ve always been involved with computers since Oregon Trail was brought to my elementary school on the old school Apple computers. It’s hard to say what I did before design. I grew up with art but before adventuring into design as a full time gig, I was a Make-up Artist at Nordstrom. That taught me the art of selling and customer service. 2 tools you can’t live without in this field.

5. What and who influenced your design?

My brother Michael and yoga

6. What are your projects?

2 community network sites are on the horizon, as well as a special component of Hybrid Roots that will be launching mid-February. I’m also working on apparel lines for Hybrid Roots.

7. Tips for new designers?

Never give up. Don’t let others tell you what they think you should be doing or that you can’t make money doing this or that. If you envision something, go for it. Action is what matters most. It’s called the art of the hustle.

8. What are the most common design mistakes that you see?

Not proofreading ads before they go to print or are launched into the web. I have my mother to thank for that one. 😉

9. If there wasn’t a design what think you’d be doing today?

It’s a toss up – I’d either be in the Peace Corps or living in Jamaica hanging out with the Juice Man.

10. List some of your favourite design links?

Much respect!






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  1. mistergietz
    mistergietz says:

    absolutely love your ideas, concepts, and your OBVIOUS passion for what you’re doing….keep it up!

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