Zagreb Creative Metropole

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Zagreb (:: creative metropole) the one of the foremost hottest point in Central Europe!


Eleven capital and metropolitan cities of Europe have joined their forces to further foster the development of their creative sectors in an effort to overcome the economic downturn and make their cities more attractive in the global hunt for talent.

Studies show that creative industries’ sector is one of the fastest growing in the European economy contributing significantly to the growth of GDP, employment. Furthermore, as a facilitator of innovation, creative industries are essential for the development of other sectors.

Through local analysis cities will identify existing policies and successful instruments used to support creative industries. Findings of these studies will form the basis for experience exchange workshops bringing together experts from the partner organizations and other stakeholders. To enable more in-depth learning partners will also go on individual study visits.

The ambition is not only to present the good practices but also deal with current problem issues and generate new knowledge and approaches. The partnership as a whole will debate about policy implications from the findings, while several cities have also undertaken to use the project as a vehicle for building their own support system and tools.

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