Quantum Space Light Network Design

The Project UQCC
Take on the challenges of tomorrow to make to make quantum technology dreams come true

The Tokyo QKD network

The Project UQCC aims at promoting research and development on quantum cryptography and communications, and disseminating outcomes for the benefit of society. The core of the project consists of the NICT research laboratories and the NICT commissioned research teams from private and public organizations. Those research teams comprise the Quantum ICT Forum of Japan to strengthen the cross-disciplinary collaboration among the academia, industry and government. The Project UQCC integrates those activities and relevant projects in Japan, and also offers a platform of international collaborations with projects in other countries.

QUESS (Quantum Experiments at Space Scale) / Micius

QUESS is a joint Chinese-Austrian satellite mission operated by CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences), in cooperation with the University of Vienna and the Austrian Academy of Sciences (AAS). QUESS is a proof-of-concept mission designed to facilitate quantum optics experiments over long distances to allow the development of quantum encryption and quantum teleportation technology.

Micius Satellite for Quantum Science Experiments

Satellite Based Quantum Communication – IQOQI Vienna

Real-world intercontinental quantum communications enabled by the Micius satellite

China’s Quantum-Key Network, the Largest Ever, Is Officially Online

China’s quantum satellite achieves ‘spooky action’ at record distance

IBM Quantum Network
We are committed to accelerating and scaling quantum computing by partnering with industries and fostering a growing ecosystem.

Microsoft Quantum Network
A community of pioneers

The Microsoft Quantum Network is a broad community of individuals and organizations collaborating with Microsoft to advance a comprehensive quantum ecosystem, develop practical solutions, and build a robust quantum workforce. To build this right, we need to build it together. 

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