Moodytwin Clothing Brand was founded in Los Angeles in 2009. by designer Miranda Vidak. The idea behind it was to take inspiration in dark deconstructed fashion and give it a Hollywood broken-down street ease.

Miranda Vidak, a creative force behind Moodytwin was someone that always felt rejection to “girlie” colors, patterns or challenging cuts. Preferring a dark, dramatic, avant-garde couture, even from the early age. She wanted to create a street brand that would take on such couture, in a unfinished T-shirt kinda way. Simplify and make wearable what she liked on the runway.

Moodytwin clothing is contrasting its dark moody – toned (hence the brand name) goth vibe with slouchy, monochromatic simplicity and minimal detailing. Weather its creating T-shirts, jackets, jewelry or even home accessories; Moodytwin strives to be a brand with strong, sometimes even provocative messages – highlighting the personality of people wearing it.

MT is committed to becoming more than a clothing brand; it strives to be a lifestyle brand, with weekly updates on our MoodyBlog written & edited by Miranda Vidak; thus creating an online community for our costumers of similar fashion/lifestyle taste – where we can all come daily to exchange ideas and feel inspired!

Miranda Vidak attended Fine Arts High School in Split, Croatia; where she majored in Graphic Design. She studied Fashion Design at the TTF Fashion College in Zagreb, Croatia; and Advertising Marketing Communication (AMC) at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, NY.

To visit her official website & blog, go to

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