Ken Baum Mental Edge .:. Maximize Sports Potential

Sports Psychology for all athletes-Improve performance now
No matter what sport you enjoy or what level you play, you have the potential for a peak performance–and realizing that potential is the goal of everyone who makes athletics part of their lives. And while you can benefit from the advice of tennis and golf pros, marathon runners, and skiing instructors, the edge you seek to maximize your performance isn’t in your stroke, your pace, or your posture–it’s in your mind. Kenneth Baum describes the program he uses to sharpen and maximize the sports performances of thousands of professional and amateur athletes across the country: * Power Talk * Proper Visualization and Perception Stretchers * Performance Cues * Identifying and Conquering Obstacles * A Commitment to Consistent and Resilient ActionYour mind is your most valuable piece of equipment, your strongest muscle–and your best shot at peak performance for life

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