Ivana Mihic .:. Actress, Writer & Film producer

Ivana Mihic
Actress, writer & film producer 😉

Mini Biography

Ivana Mihic was born in Belgrade. She started her acting career at the age of nine appearing in the film “Srecna porodica”. Right after, at the age of fourteen she played one of the five leading roles in the film “Varljivo leto 68” (directed by Goran Paskaljevic). Until entering the University of Dramatic Arts she acted in feature film ‘Oktoberfest’ (directed by Dragan Kresoja) and TV film based on story written by Milos Crnjanski “Roman o Londonu” (directed by Mira Trailovic).

Ivana finished ballet school “Lujo Davico” in Belgrade (Yugoslavia, Serbia) as well as music school. She graduated from the University of Dramatic Arts (acting).

Her professional acting career started off in the theatre where she played the lead role of Sugar in the famous musical “Some like it hot”. She then went on to play the lead roles in the following theatrical productions: Roxanne in Cyrano de Bergerak, Mimi “Maska” (National theatre), Matilda “Trinidad” (Bitef teatar), “bilo jednom u Beogradu” (Studentski kulturni centar), “Mala nocna muzika”, “Tri frtalja Beograda” (Teatar T), “Lepotica i zver”,”Tesla”, main roles in feature films: “Napadac”, “Terasa na krovu” (directed by Gordan Mihic), “Buy me an Eliot” (directed by Dejan Zecevic), “Mechanism” (directed by Djordje Milosavljevic),”Libero” (directed by Miodrag Kotlajic), “Ivkova slava” (directed by Zdravko Sotra), ” “Bacio sam cini na tebe” (directed by Miroslav Petkovic),TV series “Srecni ljudi” (directed by Aleksandar Djordjevic and Slobodan Suljagic), “Sarajevske price” (directed by Faruk Sokolovic), “Gore-dole” (directed by Misa Radivojevic and Miroslav Lekic, “Moj rodjak sa sela” (directed by Marko Marinkovic)…

Ivana has recorded a CD and Cassette for PGP-RTS with music from the performance of Trinidad.

In 1995. she founded the film production company “Horizont 2000”. As a producer and executive producer she has, so far, produced four films: “Buy me an Eliot”, “Mechanism”, “She loves Red Star”, “Poor little hamsters”; one tv series,one tv film “The play of Mirrors”,and also published one book “Perle od vode” written by Vera Cukic.

For the production of her films, she twice received the Silver Arena award for best film in the Novi Sad Film Festival. She also received the Yu Fipresci award for best film twice. She has received many other awards for her work and has taken part in over 50 International Film Festivals with films from her production company “Horizont 2000”. For the film “Mechanism” she won the international jury of critics Fipresci award for best film in Troia (Portugal) and the Findling award for the best Art Film in Cottbus (Germany).

She is the recipient of the “Oskar Popularnosti 2000” award for her role in the film “Mechanism”.

For her role of Snezana in the film “Mechanism” she received the award for best actress at the International Film Festival in Alexandria (Egypt).

She was chairperson of Association of Serbian Film Producers.

She wrote a novel ‘’My only life’’ wich was published (2008) by the best publisher in Serbia ‘’Laguna’’ and become a bestseller book, and novel ‘’Ice’’ (2009).

She write a monthly column for the oldest and highly respected daily newspaper “Politika”.

She speaks Serbian and English.

Ivana works and lives in Belgrade.

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