Moodytwin Clothing Brand was founded in Los Angeles in 2009. by designer Miranda Vidak. The idea behind it was to take inspiration in dark deconstructed fashion and give it a Hollywood broken-down street ease.

Miranda Vidak, a creative force behind Moodytwin was someone that always felt rejection to “girlie” colors, patterns or challenging cuts. Preferring a dark, dramatic, avant-garde couture, even from the early age. She wanted to create a street brand that would take on such couture, in a unfinished T-shirt kinda way. Simplify and make wearable what she liked on the runway.

Moodytwin clothing is contrasting its dark moody – toned (hence the brand name) goth vibe with slouchy, monochromatic simplicity and minimal detailing. Weather its creating T-shirts, jackets, jewelry or even home accessories; Moodytwin strives to be a brand with strong, sometimes even provocative messages – highlighting the personality of people wearing it.

MT is committed to becoming more than a clothing brand; it strives to be a lifestyle brand, with weekly updates on our MoodyBlog written & edited by Miranda Vidak; thus creating an online community for our costumers of similar fashion/lifestyle taste – where we can all come daily to exchange ideas and feel inspired!

Miranda Vidak attended Fine Arts High School in Split, Croatia; where she majored in Graphic Design. She studied Fashion Design at the TTF Fashion College in Zagreb, Croatia; and Advertising Marketing Communication (AMC) at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, NY.

To visit her official website & blog, go to

Kate Moss Parisienne by Yves Saint Laurent

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Once upon a time there was PARISIENNE

The portrait of a woman incredibly free.
Free to think, free to act.

She appears evanescent,
at the dawning of the day
body and soul…
She conveys the joy
of living and loving in the moment.

This is why Paris adopts her.
She has the face of an angel,
the body of a woman who didn’t sleep last night,
an air of carnal knowledge.
A woman in an evening gown at the break of day.
Scandalous, some say?
Free, she says.An Yves Saint Laurent woman. A true PARISIENNE

This woman disappears in a mysterious scent…

Qui est Parisienne? Like many scents, Parisienne, the new fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent, tells a story. But unlike most perfumes, Parisienne strives to also inspire a way of living—that of a passionate woman who embraces life and loves with abandon—and to capture the allure of the fragrance’s namesake city. To bring Parisienne to life, YSL has partnered with supermodel, muse, designer, musician, and larger-than-life star Kate Moss.
In a short film produced by YSL to tout the new fragrance, director Fabien Baron answers this question, putting Moss at the center of a slightly surreal whirlwind of femininity, sensuality, and spontaneity. The opening scene immediately draws the viewer in: with pounding music in the background, Moss drapes herself across the backseat of a speeding car, with the twinkling lights of a Parisian night visible through the window. The soft femininity of her billowing hair and sensual movements contrast with her structured leather bustier, and a large pink rose rests between her legs (from a lover? we wonder), moving with her as Baron shows flashbacks of her night. Even more intriguing, Baron never reveals her lover’s face or explains the story behind their embrace, leaving it to the viewer’s imagination to fill in the gaps.

Parisiene : La Ville-Lumière

Parisiene : La Ville-Lumière + Je t’aime de tout mon coeur!
Dedicated to Kate Moss, YSL and Paris!
Ad Campaign: Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne
Model: Kate Moss
Photography by Craig McDean

Kim Kardashian


Princess Kim Kardashian Star+Shine Gfx by 🙂 »-(¯`·.·´¯)Idea2Dezign

Kimberly Noel “Kim” Kardashian is an American “celebutante”, socialite, model, actress, businesswoman, and television personality. She is best known for her social life and her role on the E! reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Employing her entrepreneurial business skills, Kardashian started on her own as a fashion stylist and became and immediate sought after wardrobe stylist for infomercials, television shows, music videos and photo shoots.  But it was her organizational, orderly arrangement and construction of high fashion closets that led Kardashian into a unique line of work overhauling and designing closets for celebrities.

In 2006, together with her sisters Kourtney and Khloe, Kardashian opened the designer clothing store DASH in Calabasas, California; a must-shop-at store for those with discriminating, yet fashionable taste.

Kardashian will launch her own perfume in May 2009 through New Wave Fragrances. It will be available in the United States, Germany, Australia, England and Japan.

When not working, Kardashian gives her time to charitable causes.  She is a Dream Foundation ambassador

Kardashian currently makes her home in Los Angeles.

Rich Soil Clothing

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Rich Soil is a new clothing line from Los Angeles by Lamar Odom. “Rich Soil is a clothing line that promotes creative design, spiritual iconnic imagery, and the shared idea that growth can come from virtually anywhere.  Started by Lamar Odom and designer Jonathan Garcia.  Rich Soil seeks to be at the forefront of new ideas. Drawing insipiration from an ecletic mix of experience, musical taste and personal philosophy. Rich Soil uses the T-Shirt as a vehicleto promote more than a brand, but a movement that represents the creative spirit of all people.”

»-(¯`·.·´¯) Idea2Dezign & Rich Soil :: Creative Design

Beverly Hills Pimps & Hos

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Beverly Hills Pimps & Hos is not just clothing line, it is a Lifestyle. Beverly Hills Pimps and Hos represent the Elite Hollywood Lifestyle.
Chaz Bautzer and the Celebrities themselves has turned Beverly Hills Pimps and Hos into the one of the most edgy and sexiest lines on the market today. Icons such as Gwen Stefani, Carmen Electra, Jessica Alba, Snoop, Dogg, Slash, Nick Cannon, Pharrell Williams and Lil Jon has all been seen wearing the brand.
Today Chaz Bautzer jas taken BHPH brand to another level from fashion to TV Shows. He has co- created three original TV shows with KushTV and starring in one of them.

Diavolina : Los Angeles

After getting a degree at American College for the Applied Arts and a stint working at a local shoe store, Evelyn Ungari launched LA footwear outpost Diavolina in 1998. The then 22-year-old quickly became a key style influencer for the West Coast with her keen eye for must-have footwear and emerging designers.

Diavolina’s mission is to attract and cater to Los Angeles’ style conscious, bringing a unique vision of fashion to the city of angels. The pieces in the store are a combination of “pretty, sexy and mischievous.” Diavolina appeals to a fashion savvy customer who is seeking exceptional, distinctive style.

Although initially renowned for its shoes, Diavolina quickly expanded to include clothing and accessories. The designer selection, which is constantly evolving, currently features Alexander Wang, Phillip Lim, Current Elliott, Ksubi, J Brand, Pierre Hardy, John Galliano, Marc Jacobs, Chloe, and Givenchy.

Diavolina’s new location located on 3rd Street alongside the iconic Madison Boutique is a shopper’s paradise and for fashion enthusiasts, who can’t make it to Los Angeles, there is the online boutique,, to satisfy any fashion craving.
8741 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048