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UNIQLO Clothing


Clothing says a lot, but you can say it better.

UNIQLO designs, manufactures, markets and sells casual wear that can be worn by anyone, any day. Rather than dictate a look, UNIQLO provides people everywhere with the piece they need to create their own style. And style comes from within, which is why the UNIQLO logo is nearly invisible, tucked away inside the garment.

Kashiwa Sato

Kashiwa Sato

Official website of Kashiwa Sato : Art Director / Creative Director, Tokyo Japan.

Born in Tokyo in 1965, Kashiwa Sato studied graphic design at the Tama Art University.
After a period working for Hakuhodo, he started his own business, establishing his creative studio “Samurai” in 2000. Sato’s creative work is characterized by its powerful visual inventiveness and spans a wide range of genres and media.
In his most recent endeavor, he was responsible for the product design and advertising campaign for the NTT DoCoMo “FOMA N702iD.” He has won numerous prizes, including the Tokyo ADC Grand Prix, Tokyo TDC Gold Prize, etc.

Designers Republic

The Designers Republic

The Designers Republic’s works are playful and bright, and considered Maximum-minimalist, mixing images from Japanese anime cartoons and subvertized corporate logos, with a postmodern tendency towards controversial irony, featuring statements like “Work Buy Consume Die”, “Customized Terror”, “Buy nothing, pay now”, or indeed “”Made In The Designers Republic””.
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Renascent is the portfolio of Joost Korngold, Dutch Freelance Graphic Designer/Director. Joost is currently active in Motion Graphics and Visual Static Imagery for various media.

Available virtually and on location.