Gas Book 24 – Hideki Inaba

Gas Book 24

Gas Book 24: Hideki Inaba
The newest addition to the Gas Book series features the young and already accomplished Japanese graphic artist Hideki Inaba. Inaba has developed a respected reputation within the Japanese graphics scene, for his involvement in sound and motion graphics, his design of the noted Atmosphere00 magazine, his invention of the typeface Burst Helvetica, and his role as art director for the famous Gas Book series.
This mini monograph takes a peak into his extensive work in typography, graphics, advertisement and editorial design since the mid-1990’s. Gas Book 24 is a pivotal addition to this groundbreaking series, from an artist who has a deep belief in the power of creativity and the immediacy of visual and aural sensation.

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Dimensions: 9″ x 11.25″ (inches)
Pages: 128
Edition: Softcover
Languages: English
ISBN: 4861003830

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