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CYPHER Cyberpunk Text Adventure

We brought the fun and magic of classic text adventures back into the 21st century and gave it a twist you will love. Packed with beautiful graphics and chilling ambient sounds, CYPHER is pushing the interactive fiction genre to a whole new level of immersive gameplay that will capture your imagination like no other game […]

Unsolved Mysteries .:. Kevin Poulsen

Kevin Poulsen, Dark Dante IRL Name: Kevin Lee Poulsen Biography: Before segueing into journalism, he had a notorious career in the 1980s as a cracker whose handle was Dark Dante. He worked for SRI International by day, and hacked at night. During this time, Poulsen taught himself lock picking, and engaged in a brash spree […]

Aquarela do Brasil

Aquarela do Brasil (conhecido como “Watercolor of Brazil” em inglês) é um curta-metragem americano de animação, presente em “Saludos Amigos”, o sexto longa-metragem de animação dos Estúdios Disney, lançado em 1942. Faz parte do quarto e último segmento do filme, e mostra, pela primeira vez, o personagem do papagaio Zé Carioca,

U.S. Army .:. TCM-S Mission

TCM-S Mission To ensure modernization of the Soldier as a system of systems with the best possible equipment and associated doctrine, training, leader development and fighting organization to fight and win in the contemporary operating environment . The TCM-Soldier is the users representative and the conscience of the Army for the Soldier – all Soldiers […]

Special Operations Weather Team .:. SOWT

They are known as Combat Controllers, Tactical Air Control Party, Special Operations Weather Team, Pararescuemen and Combat Rescue Officers. Together, they make up the Special Operations of the U.S. Air Force. It’s their job to be courageous. To do the impossible. To go where others won’t. They do whatever it takes to complete the mission […]

Vukovar Water Tower

Vukovarski vodotoranj je građevina u Vukovaru, u Hrvatskoj, simbol stradanja i otpora grada Vukovara u Domovinskom Ratu. Vječna im Hvala

Razlike između Kršćanstva i New Agea

Razlike između Kršćanstva i New Agea Kako bismo olakšali razlučivanje duhovnih ponuda, donosimo prikaz glavnih razlika između kršćanstva i New Agea po ključnim temama. Navedena je tema (npr. “grijeh”, “istina”, “Bog”), a zatim ukratko stav prema toj temi najprije New Agea, a zatim kršćanstva.   Budući da je New Age vrlo složena pojava, koju bitno […]