SpaceTime™ 3D Web Search

Space Time 3d

Search Google, YouTube, RSS, eBay, Amazon, Yahoo!, Flickr and Images all in one 3D space.

A New York based company, SpaceTime, has released an admittedly impressive beta version of its brand-new web browser. The SpaceTime browser puts the Internet in a completely three-dimensional environment while complementing the visually rich Web 2.0.“Since the inception of the Internet, the process of browsing has been limited and static. Now users can enjoy the richness of the Web with an application that is more interactive, intuitive and fun,” said SpaceTime CEO, Eddie Bakhash.

Unlike Internet Explorer or Firefox, web pages are never really closed after they are open; they are simply added to a three-dimensional timeline in the browser. Previous pages can be viewed and recalled by navigating the 3D timeline.

SpaceTime’s 3D search works in a similar manner. A Google search, for instance, will load the first 10 Google results in separate pages, thus eliminating the need to click each individual search result (usually followed by the ‘back’ button). Search results can be easily flipped through, re-arranged, or manipulated in the 3D environment.

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