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The Amiga computer was launched in 1985 as an advanced personal and gaming computer. Many hobbyist computer programmers, graphic artist, and musicians took hold of this platform and created spectacular programs to show off their talent and the Amiga’s capabilities. Over the past several decades, many talented individuals created amazing works of art unseen and unknown to world outside the small Amiga computer and demo scene. The Amiga only survived for a decade, but these demonstrations will live on forever.

This second volume of MindCandy explores the world of creative real-time animated music videos created to run on the Amiga computer platform. The DVD covers fifteen years of demo evolution with thirty of the best Amiga demos created. All the demos were captured or rendered using original Amiga hardware.

Awaken your mind with this, the third volume of the MindCandy series of real-time computer animated music videos. We’ve taken demos to the next level by presenting forty of the best PC Windows demo productions over the past seven years on both HD Blu-ray (1280×720, 60 fps) and DVD. Now, everyone can see the demos in the same quality or better as on their personal computer.

MindCandy Volume 3 is a best of the best look at what talented amateur programmers, musicians, and graphic artists can do with a typical personal computer. The “demos” produced are often shown at parties throughout Europe, and are created to push the PC to its limits and impress the audience. With this third and final installment of the trilogy, MindCandy Volume 3 will push the limit of your Blu-ray player and High Definition television.

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