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Digital substation: How the digital transformation will succeed

Only through digitalization it will be possible to master the transformation to a multi-directional energy system. To ensure that the digital transformation will succeed, you need the right strategy – and an experienced partner.

Shaping the future together

The systems for power generation, transmission, and distribution are undergoing a radical transformation. The traditional model, in which electrical energy is generated and distributed centrally, is making way for flexible systems into which renewable energy sources, decentralized generators, prosumers, and power storage solutions need to be integrated. More than ever, grid operators are relying on technical systems that are prepared for these changes – on products and solutions with the Future built in.


As integral parts of power grids, substations essentially represent the heart of the power supply. As such, they take on a key position in this development. When it comes to the automation, monitoring and protection of a substation, digital technology really comes into its own. Siemens offers grid operators an integrated portfolio of products and solutions which can be used to make substations consistently digital and capable of handling anything that comes their way.

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